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SideNote Kick Off Fall 2020


We are a theatre company in Calgary, Alberta that is dedicated to sharing stories that often go unheard. By taking new works from local designers through the workshop stage of creation and onto full production, we provide audiences with stories from unseen heroes, unknown advocates and unacknowledged champions.

At SideNote, we produce high quality entertainment in an environment that is a reflection of our company values of kindness, compassion and equality.  

If you are someone who wants to change the way stories are told and refresh the messages you hear, support SideNote Theatre. 

SEASON 20/21

 Live and Virtually Streamed NEW Musical

MAY-JUNE, 2021

“Back here, again...”


— Directed by Katelyn Morishita

Book by Marisa Roggeveen

Music and Lyrics by Stefanie Barnfather


artwork by Mitch Tukkimaki

Green Leaves

SideNote Theatre 

Humans First Policy

Our designers, patrons, and their families always come first. Learn more about the measures we take to make your health and safety our first priority. 

Parallel Lines

Inclusion and Equality at SideNote Theatre

This organization was founded to create more opportunities for every designer and audience member to have more access to stories and work environments that create and share broader messaging. Learn how we make that our focus.