Audition for SideNote Theatre

Season 20/21 Auditions 

we will keep you safe during our rehearsals and performances 



here's how

At SideNote Theatre, we hold two rounds of open virtual auditions every season to give working actors and community performers the flexibility and structure to manage their careers more effectively.

When our auditions officially open,

please email your headshot and resume to our production teams at

and within 24 hours we will send you character specific sides and songs from the show,

along with productions details and music tracks

(with pre-recorded vocals to assist with your rehearsal). 

After you receive your sides, we request that you send us one video submission

per character you're auditioning for,

with your side reading included with your song. The quality of your video is not important to us.

We can see your talent in whatever medium you choose to share it.

Links to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or other media platforms are more than acceptable. 

We keep auditions open for 10 days.

We know this is shorter than the average, but we want to respect your time and have casting complete by the end of two weeks. Callbacks are optional and would take place within 48 hours of submission close. Auditioning and waiting to hear back about a role is stressful, so we'd ask that you learn your audition material and submit quickly so we can inform everyone who auditioned about casting in a timely matter.


You will hear back from us,

no matter if you are cast or we choose to go a different direction for that particular show. 

Is SideNote for you?

Learn about what we provide for our Designers!

Our SPRING/SUMMER round of auditions opens in February

with twice as many contracts and learning opportunities for actors! 


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