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In October 2019, SideNote Theatre's Founders came together to create a new musical to teach children and their families about the importance of open communication. Throughout the workshop and elevated staged reading of this work, it became clear that there was a need in the community for more stories like this one. 
And so began SideNote.


STEFANIE BARNFATHER (she/her)    Founder and Director                2019-2021

CORA MOORHEAD (she/her)            Marketing and Media Consultant      2021

CHARLOTTE NIXON (she/her)           Founder                                      2019-2020


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Stefanie is a 30+ year member of the arts community, educator, composer, and performer. 

She is the Director and Owner of SideNote Theatre.


Cora Moorhead



“Theatre is one of the most traditional storytelling and teaching mediums. Age, race, and gender are inconsequential and the focus is instead placed on growing as an individual. As the Marketing and Social Media consultant for SideNote, I strive to increase our outreach in different communities and help expose them to new theatrical works.


As the increasingly expanding digital age forces its way to the forefront, digital theatre is becoming a force to be reckoned with. By making entertainment more accessible and collaborative, audiences become more diversified, fostering new connections between artists and everyday people."

Stefanie Barnfather

"The arts are what ultimately connect us. Through our shared universal truths, and the way people communicate deeply through music, dance and story, we are able to unify our differences and find commonalities that assuage the division that consistently interrupts our inherit desire for calm. 

Fine and performing arts are the ultimate tool that can educate and inform humans about how to find new ways of uniting peacefully and with the intent to come together to build and grow, not inhibit and repress." 

Charlotte Nixon

"I believe that we all have storytellers within us. As a person who entered into her artistic career later than many playwrights, I can attest to the power of tapping into your own voice and fighting through adversity to speak, and write, what is most important to you.

Story and arts creation, and the space to develop those skills, is one of the most valuable things SideNote offers our community. For where else can artists just be free to try and fail and be heard, no matter what?"