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Marisa Roggeveen


SideNote Designer of the Month

Being the youngest of three daughters, Marisa, when sitting (as she's the tallest) has always looked up to her siblings, except she has no desire to follow in their footsteps to teach math/science to teenagers at high school or be a Doctor of Optometry and look deep into anybody's eyeballs all day.  Instead, Marisa very much enjoys performing on stage and in films. She can be seen in the kitchen (and other places before covid) either singing, dancing, acting or fighting. That's right, she has her stage combat training. She is a two time recipient of the Noel Coward Memorial Award for excellence in acting and has a platinum singing award from the Calgary Performing Arts Festival competition. 


Marisa, being true to her "sea goddess" name, also keeps finding herself submerged in water productions. Her mermaid abilities went far on her high school swim team, and she can be seen in two swimming films, SIREN and BREATHE, and METAMORPHOSES, a stage production that had a pool on stage, as well as in SPLENDOUR where her character had wet hair for the entire show. (See photos attached).


Marisa has also been known to help out behind the scenes, most recently on her production of SCATTERED with SideNote Theatre. Marisa wrote the book during her endless amounts of government stay-at-home lockdown hours and collaborated with Stefanie Barnfather who wrote the music & lyrics.


Marisa completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degrees concurrently in April 2019 and has since been an avid creative artist and spreadsheet user.

Going back in time to the 'good ol days' when we could all travel, Marisa enjoyed exploring Europe, especially Berlin (where she took a ballet class that played a classical version of Hotline Bling for the warm-up), Ireland (where she drank a Guinness before every theatre performance she attended - which was a lot), and Bratislava (where she participated in an improv class and danced in the streets all the way up to the Hrad Castle).  She also highly recommends that castle, since she would literally travel across the world just to see it again. (pictures attached, but they don't do it justice). 


Due to the current world circumstances and live stage performances being pretty much "illegal," Marisa has spent her spare time writing more scripts, original music with her Ukelele birthday present, modelling, dabbling in wedding planning (not hers), designing websites, mastering disc golf, and practicing the art of brush lettering.

Currently, Marisa is in rewrites for SCATTERED, which is being produced by SideNote Theatre this Spring. She is also hoping that her contracts for 2021 will still continue and that everyone stays safe and well.  


More can be seen on her website: www.marisar.ca

Follow her on Instagram @marisaroggeveen 

Photo: Tracy Elliot

On set for HANGDOG, by "The Utilities"


Photo: Tim Nguyen

Tory Doctor


Community Designer of the Month

Tory's career spans 25 years in over 60 productions throughout 40 countries. Select credits include; The Secret Garden, Cats, Legends,  Beauty and the Beast, Blood Brothers, Me and My Girl, Man of La Mancha, Grease, Evita, Anne of Green Gables, Jeremy de Bergerac, Austentacious, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Damn Yankees, My Fair Lady, Guys and Dolls, A Christmas Carol, Cyrano de Bergerac and Married Alive (with Three’s Company’s Joyce DeWitt). Tory has also worked with the world’s largest producers of musicals, Disney and Cameron Macintosh.

Tory has been teaching acting, musical theatre,  private lessons and specialized workshops for the past fifteen years. He has been a guest speaker for numerous colleges and Universities across North America,  focusing on bridging the gap between community theatre and the professional  world. He is also an accomplished writer having written four musicals with his writing partners Dave Zabriskie and Nico Rhodes. 

Tory is currently working with Nico on their latest  musical “Off the Beaten Path”, a surprisingly touching, irreverent comedy that  pays homage to all of the fantasy franchises that preceded it. From Harry Potter  to Jamie Lannister, Drizzt Do’Urden to Geralt of Rivia... no one is safe.   

In this “Choose your own adventure” style multi-platform fantasy musical, a hot headed Kytius Westwind and his band of misfit adventurers seek “treasure beyond imagining” but they are not at all prepared for what they will encounter along the way. Filled with monsters, palace intrigue and a herald named Harold, Off the Beaten Path (OBP) is an emotional swashbuckling rollercoaster that pays homage to all of the fantasy franchises that preceded it. 


With Hollywood and Streaming services banking that Fantasy will be the next Marvel Cinematic Universe, we stand upon the precipice of a fantasy entertainment tsunami. We are about to be inundated with at minimum of a dozen new franchises brought to big and small screens alike, and Off the Beaten Path has Easter eggs for them all. 


OBP is a musical designed to take audience participation to new heights with engagement both during and after the show. 


During: The audience will act as the Queen’s counsel, Townsfolk and various other roles throughout and vote (with “Ayes” or “Nays”) for which option they would like to see The Companions make. There are four possible endings, each with drastically different outcomes and implications. 


After: There will also be online content which begins by answering a riddle left unanswered by The Companions during the show. The answer is the key to begin their own online quest where they delve deeper into character backstories, the world and ultimately discover how to unlock the fifth secret ending of the show. 


Lastly I think it is important to note that while writing OBP, inclusivity was top of mind. We have intentionally written parts that can be played by any number of performers of any race, sexuality and gender. And while there are some specific height requirements (the Dwarf and Barbarian in particular) non-traditional body types and age specifications are greatly encouraged. I have also included aspects of American Sign Language in the show giving those who understand ASL a deeper understanding and a fuller experience. 

Off the Beaten Path (OBP) was originally developed as a multi-platform “Pick Your Poison " adventure and theatrical experience. When the pandemic hit, we moved our workshop online for test audiences and we quickly gathered an ever growing following of die-hard fans. The script was only a work in progress when our online readings began, and yet, the viewers were already clambering to know more about the world and characters. They were asking about merchandise, creating memes and opining on what the sequels would be about (we have plans to make a trilogy). The audiences leave the Zoom readings both weeping and cheering. People from all over the world, from designers and actors to visual artists and marketing teams, are volunteering their time and talents to do whatever they can to be a part of this project. 


So What exactly is Off the Beaten Path?

OBP is a fantasy musical experience where the fate of The Companions is in the hands of the audience. Given the "select and option" format of the show, there are roughly 30 different versions of the first proposed season (with minimal extra filming expense) and the re-watchability of OBP (and the Greater Companions Trilogy) is incredible. We have had viewers who have watched 13 of the 14 online readings so far and are planning to return for more. But the good news doesn’t stop there. With the help of a professionally built accompanying website and interactive app, both currently in development, the adventure will continue on computers and smart phones everywhere and fans will be able to build their own characters, explore the world of the OBP and go on quests with their favourite characters from the show. 


The show pays homage to all of the fantasy franchises before it; from Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons to World of Warcraft and yes, even The Witcher. We follow Kytius Westwind and the rest of The Companions as they search for the powerful Amulet of Khatara throughout the world of Arlyrus, where all of the fantasy worlds are tied together, providing  opportunities for crossover events. This is the perfect time to give Netflix viewers everywhere a new, innovative, non-traditional show they can fall in love with over and over again. 

Register to watch the FREE online viewing of OBP on January 15, 2020!


“The Off the Beaten Path Adventure App”- A videogame within the world of Arlyrus where the player encounters the characters from OBP and go on adventures adjacent to the story.





Relics and Runes: A D20 dice game that you can play at home with your friends!


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