Every month we feature a designer from SideNote Theatre and a local community member or organization to highlight the work that they do for our city. 

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Jeff Eisen


SideNote Designer of the Month

Jeff "Ledge" Eisen has been an established artist for over three decades. Hailed in Toronto Life Magazine as a "design guru" in 2004 he now makes his Ashram in Calgary, Alberta where he is a the managing director of Stonechild Creations, is a creative consultant for Jung Guns Entertainments, and he used to be a junior high school artist-in-residence at Calgary Arts Academy for 13 years. 


While working at Calgary Arts Academy, Jeff was a writer and designer for Study Hall Fever, Funhouse, The End is Nigh, and The Waystation, and he created the projections and animations for All You Need Is Love, “10”, CAA Academy Awards, Game Changers, Closer to the Heart, Reimagined, Soundbreaking, Storytellers. 


"Ledge" is currently the staff artist for New Voices In Fiction magazine and a regular illustrating contributor to Morpheus Tales magazine in the U.K. He has three children of his own, shares another five with his partner and enjoys the company of a hundred or so others who actually think he's pretty cool for an old dude. Jeff also creates for Alberta Dance Theatre For Young People, works with several companies making movie trailers, and is currently developing a pitch for a new Netflix series. 


Jeff keeps his hair long to see the reactions from people, thereby differentiating between those who judge and those he wants to engage with. You can follow Jeff on Facebook @ledge.eisen

You can view and purchase Jeff's artwork at the following online galleries:






Felicia Bonée



Community Designer of the Month

First hitting the stage in May 2012, Felicia Bonée (she/her) has lead a long and happy drag career, despite never hearing about drag prior to then. Since then, Felicia has become one of the most popular performers in the city, if she does say so herself, and has always tried to spread love and joy with her sassy style and dazzling lipsync performances. In fact, Felicia prides herself on her lipsyncing capabilities and considers it her strongest skill in drag. With a performing arts background from Victoria School in Edmonton, and onstage experience in and out of drag in Calgary with local community theatre organizations, a lot of Felicia’s drag is a mix of traditional nightclub style drag, with a large dose of Broadway and theatrical style performances included in her repertoire. You never quite know what you’ll get at a Felicia Bonée show but you’ll always have a good time and pre-covid would probably get her boobs in your face. She misses that most.


As a performer Felicia has gotten the opportunity to step outside the typical drag stages and perform in the One Yellow Rabbit festival show “Body So Fluorescent”, and Front Row Centre Player’s productions of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Grease, and Avenue Q,. As a producer and choreographer, Felicia has also produced several drag shows in the City of Calgary including 2 Broadway themed drag tribute shows (A Star(s) is Born and Queenky Boots) as well as creating and producing a full drag tribute to Rocky Horror Picture Show, a punk night, and a 2000’s Divas show, to name a few.


As for her current work, you can find her performance videos on YouTube as well as following her on social media to stay up to date on shows and announcements. There are obviously a lack of live performances this holiday season, however that means there’s lots of time for Felicia to work on some great content that hopefully everyone can enjoy in absence of a good old fashioned live drag show.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Hodges

Photo Credit: Laod Productions

With the current state of live performing being not so great, I am focusing a lot of my energy into online content creation. Fancy words for maybe I’ll make YouTube videos. I already have some little music video type things in the works and might expand to makeup tutorials or hair styling videos. Showcasing the skills that go into drag that are usually only seen as the finished product when we are on stage.  Stay Tuned!

Photo Credit: Katy Whitt Photography

Photo Credit: Michaela Neuman


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