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Because we have the right to

listen to the stories that people need to tell. 

Because we have the right to create in a space that

encourages care over criticism. 

Because we have the right to

share with others what was not shared with us. 

Because we have the right to challenge what is comfortable and change what is not. 

Arts Advocacy

At SideNote Theatre, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, but some may not have the means to tell it. Designers bring us their stories and ideas, and we support them through the workshop process of creating a new work, into rehearsal and all the way through to a fully produced show. 

In a creation space built on our values of kindness, compassion and equality, SideNote empowers designers by giving them the space and support to see their stories come to life in front of an audience- YOU

By supporting SideNote Theatre, joining our teams, or bringing us your ideas, you are helping to grow a world of creators that give back to the community with care and high quality entertainment. 

Everyone has the right to be engaged in the arts.


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