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Because we have the right to

listen to the stories that people need to tell. 

Because we have the right to create in a space that

encourages care over criticism. 

Because we have the right to

share with others what was not shared with us. 

Because we have the right to challenge what is comfortable and change what is not. 

Arts Advocacy

At SideNote Theatre, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, but some may not have the means to tell it. Designers bring us their stories and ideas, and we support them through the workshop process of creating a new work, into rehearsal and all the way through to a fully produced show. 

In a creation space built on our values of kindness, compassion and equality, SideNote empowers designers by giving them the space and support to see their stories come to life in front of an audience- YOU

By supporting SideNote Theatre, joining our teams, or bringing us your ideas, you are helping to grow a world of creators that give back to the community with care and high quality entertainment. 

Everyone has the right to be engaged in the arts.


When you purchase a ticket, watch our stories and share about our work, you are directly benefiting the human designers that are growing their careers when they collaborate with us.

Every designer is a local artist that believes in societal growth and empowerment,

so by creating art, we believe we are giving back to the local community.

Here's how you give back to us:

Did you purchase a ticket to one of our live shows, rent a virtual production, or buy an original cast album?

Thank you for helping to pay our designer's rent, put food on their tables, and support them as they seek out educational and professional development tools so they can continue to grow their artistic practice. 

Did you share about us on social media, tell your friends about our programming, or participate in our free community initiatives?  

Thank you for spreading the word about our small business as we attempt to

grow and thrive during these unconventional times.

Our artists are all local so you are helping to develop your own community. 

Did you or do you plan to submit a show, audition or work for one of our projects?   

Thank you for giving us your time and artistry as we strive towards the day when we can fairly compensate all of our working professionals.

As a private company, we rely on the generosity of our teams in our first few years, and every second you contribute to the process helps us get closer to the day when we can give back to you. 


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