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Nutty C and the Perfect Tree


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What's the Show? 

A brand new holiday animated family musical by playwright

Charlotte Nixon, composer Stefanie Barnfather, and animator Jeff Eisen.


Nutty C Poster Graphic.jpg

Nutty C and the Perfect Tree



Charlotte Nixon (book), Stefanie Barnfather (music and lyrics), Jeff Eisen (animations)



Holiday Family Animated Movie Musical Comedy (G)



60 minutes



Christmas, Inclusivity, Acceptance, Healthy Communication, Healing


$12.00 CAD/$9.00 USD* per 48-hour rental

Cast and Team:

Lisa Auton                   DIRECTOR

Maren Ord Burnham  MUSIC DIRECTOR

Samantha Carson       BULBY

James Chandler          ANGEL and CS

Thomas Dunsmore     PICKLE

Cora Moorhead          STAGE MANAGER

Malissa Rush                HOLIDAY BALL

Ginette Simonot         BALLERINA

Janos Zeller                 NUTTY C and SNOWFLAKE


What's It About?

Led by their charismatic Nutcracker leader, Nutty C, a group of beautifully perfect ornaments are preparing for their annual Tree Lighting tradition on Christmas Eve. While trying to make the Tree perfect, as they do every year, an old friend from their past returns; A Christmas Mouse ornament whose face was stained by the Master spilling coffee on him several Christmas’ ago. Having since moved to the back of the Tree because his now spoiled visage no longer matches the perfect Tree decor the others strive to achieve, Coffee Stain Mouse, or “CS”, returns to the front to make amends and find a new place with his old friends.


Through a series of miscommunications, an overly enthusiastic Drag Queen Pickle ornament who is the shiny new decoration ‘on the branch’, and a magic Grandfather Clock that continually tolls the coming of Christmas, the ornaments find a way to communicate, reconnect, and ultimately learn that it’s more important to find ways for everyone to belong then to just “keep the peace”. Because admitting to being imperfect is scary, but learning that everyone else is imperfect in their own way is the most beautiful gift of all. 


With an original script by Calgary children’s playwright, Charlotte Nixon, an original soundtrack by Canadian composer, Stefanie Barnfather, animations by award-winning visual artist, Jeff Eisen, and a cast of entirely local musical theatre performers bringing these kooky new characters to life, this show is certain to become a cult favourite this holiday season.

*approx. as currency exchange varies from day to day

SideNote is Inclusive 

Here's what we'd like to provide for the sensory sensitive community:

For only $8.00 CAD/$6.00 USD*, you can rent an alternate version of Nutty C and the Perfect Tree.

It's not as bright or not as loud as the original, and it's definitely just as magical.

If you are someone who wants a relaxed viewing experience, click here. 

Thank you for supporting a local small business!

We are so grateful for your contribution to the arts and feel so fortunate you chose to watch our first show in our inaugural season! 


If you're looking to find more ways to give back this season, we can help you!

SideNote is a friend of the YWCA in Calgary and we're offering ways for YOU to donate to this wonderful organization! 

How? Click here for donation options and additional ways you can support. 


Now, grab the popcorn, put your feet up, and get cozy because Nutty C and the Perfect Tree is only a few clicks away! 

Thank you for sharing this story of significance with us!

Alternate Sensory Sensitive Version

Thank you!

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Friday Night Nutty C Instagram Live Takeover Movie Nights

Nov27, Dec4, Dec11, Dec 18 6:30-8:30pm

Our Nutty C Pop-Up Outdoor Concert Series

The cast of Nutty C, joined by guitarist, Alixandra Cowman, and vocalist,

Paul Grahame, perform a free, music-only version of the show to raise money for the YWCA. 

Follow us to know where and when we will "pop up" in December!

This presentation will follow all AHS mandated policies for safe and distanced gatherings. 

OG Cast Album

The original cast album for the show is on sale NOW!

The "not-so-perfect" holiday gift this season.


Want to know more about the cast and team? 

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Our next show, SCATTERED, by Marisa Roggeveen and Stefanie Barnfather, opens in April, 2021. Check out this show info so you can start to follow it's journey to production!

Supported by Calgary Arts Development and the City of Calgary.






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