Story by Josh McKinnon 

Book by Marisa Roggeveen and Stefanie Barnfather

A collective creation of the whole cast and team.

Created in 2021


When dance, combat, and music collide to unite the forces of good within you!

Story by Josh McKinnon

Book by Marisa Roggeveen and Stefanie Barnfather

In Collective Creation Spring 2021

Live and Virtual June-July 2021

Original Cast

Michael Bartz, Natasha Bodnarchuk, Erin Bruns, Priscilla Dhaussy, Kianna King, Daniel J. Perryman, Oiza Sule

Original Team

Stefanie Barnfather, Paul Grahame, Jeff Eisen, Jody Low, Josh McKinnon, Marisa Roggeveen, Bryan Smith, Daniella Snyders-Blok, Karen Walker, Connor Ward, Janos Zeller


Outdoor Physical Theatre, One-Act Original Story, Alternate Reality, Superheroes, Comics



45 minutes


Overcoming Internal Adversity, Accepting your Privilege and Using it in the Service of Good, Belonging

Content Advisory:

Staged hand-to-hand fighting (no weapons), loud sound effects

Virtual Auditions


Combat and Dance 

Intensive Week


In Production

April-June, 2021

Live Outdoor Performances

June 18-27, 2021

Virtual Release

June 29, 2021

Superheroes Kick Off Fall 2020
Superheroes Poster.jpg

Artwork by Jeff Eisen

This outdoor, alternate reality, physical theatre piece enters into creation in the spring of 2021. We will utilize the creative powers of professional choreographer, Josh McKinnon, Calgary director Janos Zeller, and the story writing duo Marisa Roggeveen and Stefanie Barnfather, to work with local actors to craft a story for youth around the themes of personal empowerment. 

And we bring a little comic book superhero fun into the mix, because, yeah, of course. That's just awesome.

With our story told through combat and dance, original music underscoring the work and technology incorporated to engage our audiences, this 2021 summer weekend show promises to have audiences 

asking themselves,

"When do I get to save the world?"

Game Time! (Superheroes)
Yellow Butterflies (Superheroes)

Music by Paul Grahame