Physical Story by Josh McKinnon 

Musical Story by Paul Grahame

Spectacle by Jeff Eisen

Created in 2021


When dance, combat, music and spectacle collide to unite the forces of good within you!

Physical Story by Josh McKinnon

Musical Story by Paul Grahame

Spectacle by Jeff Eisen

In Creation Winter 2021

Live and Outdoors June/July 2021

Original Cast


Original Team

Josh McKinnon, Paul Grahame, Jeff Eisen, Stefanie Barnfather, Marisa Roggeveen


February 17-26, 2021

Combat and Dance 

Professional Training 

April 5-9, 2021

In Production

May 20-June 25, 2021

Tickets On Sale and Virtual Bar Service

May 31, 2021

Live Outdoor Weekend Matinees

June 26-July 25, 2021

This outdoor family physical theatre piece enters into creation in the winter of 2021. Our intent is to utilize the creative powers of professional choreographer, Josh McKinnon, emerging composer, Paul Grahame, and established digital artist and technological genius, Jeff Eisen, to teach and work with local actors to craft a story for families around the themes of personal empowerment and advocacy. 

And we bring a little comic book superhero fun into the mix, because, yeah, of course. That's just awesome.

With our story told through combat and dance, original music underscoring the work and technology incorporated to engage our audiences, this 2021 summer weekend show promises to have kids asking themselves, "When do I get to save the world?"

Artwork by Jeff Eisen


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